About Uptown Auto Sales Inc

Uptown Auto, a family business, is owned and operated by Luis and Lisa. Since its founding, in 2001, we have been serving our community as family. Lisa has been in the retail automotive industry since 1984. From sales, finance and leasing, service writing and finally ownership, Lisa is well versed in every aspect of the car buying process. Luis has extensive experience with automotive repair and purchasing cars for sale both privately and at auction. Luis’s automotive knowledge is a definite advantage when he is looking to purchase cars for our customers. Due to COVID, our business model had to change, rather than having a car lot, we offer a concierge service car buying experience. Provide us with the details for the car, truck or van, whether for business or personal use and let us do the leg work for you. Let us show you how easy car buying can be.

Uptown Auto Sales Inc


Decide What Vehicle You Want

Whether it’s your daily driver, a vehicle for work or that dream car you’ve always wanted. 


We Do The Shopping For You

With our membership to nationwide auctions, we have access to thousands of vehicles to get you just what you’re looking for. 


Hassle Free Delivery

We do all of your post sale paperwork and motor vehicle paperwork to make picking up your vehicle a breeze. 

Quite possibly the best!

"Fair and honest "

Bryan Flynn

Quite possibly the best!

"Honest, won't try and rip you off! Great company, highly recommend!"

Andi Hays

Quite possibly the best!

"Honest and knowledgeable in everything they do!"

Alicia Crandall

Do You Have Any Questions?

It may take some time to find the vehicle you’re looking for, depending on how specific your needs are, but we can get you anything from a Lamborghini to a super duty work truck. 

What do you charge for your services?

Our fee is included in the final price of the car which will still be more affordable than if you were to buy it yourself. 

What are your dealer and doc fees?

$0, we are the only dealership on the treasure coast that doesn’t charge our clients dealer and doc fees. 

Do you offer a warranty?

The only warranty we offer is what is left over from the manufacturer.

Do you take trade-ins?

While we cannot take trade-ins at this time, we may be able to offer that service in the future. 


Would you buy my vehicle?

Depending on the car, we can consign it or take it to auction. 

Can you get me any vehicle?

The more specific the vehicle that you’re wanting, the longer it may take for us to find it. Only because of availability. 

Need Your Vehicle Serviced?

Come see our service division at L&L Auto Service Center. Whether you need regular maintenance, diagnostic services or major repair. 

Contact Us

We look forward to helping you get your dream car soon. 

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